Facebook now allows users to put videos as profile picture

Facebook now allows users to put videos as profile picture


Social networking giant Facebook has allowed users to put up videos as their profile pictures as part of a set of new mobile-friendly updates.

Facebook, which has about 1.49 billion users globally, has started testing these features to a small number of iPhone users in the UK and California and will roll them out to more people soon, it said in a blog.

  >. Facebook has over 125 million users in India —— its second largest userbase after the US.

“The world has changed since we initially presented profiles in 2004. On News Feed and profiles, we’re seeing individuals make and view more recordings than any other time in recent memory. Today we’re beginning to test the following stride in a conspicuous advancement of profiles: profile recordings,” Facebook Product Managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh composed.

Clients will have the capacity to film a short, circling video cut that will play for any individual who visits their profile, the web journal said.

The person to person communication firm said individuals visit Facebook profiles more than four billion times each day.

Alongside the new profile highlights, Facebook has additionally rolled out outline improvements to portable profile, went for enhancing the profile format and better present data about the client in an all the more outwardly captivating way.

“We’re moving your profile picture and video to truly put you up front on your profile. Profile pictures are presently focused, and we’ve made them greater to give you all the more land to hotshot what you can do with our new imaginative apparatuses,” the online journal said.

The US-based firm has likewise presented less demanding control over what individuals see on the client’s page with a customisable space at the highest point of their profile.


The Salary of a Software Engineer! [Info-Graphic]

The Salary of a Software Engineer!

A Software Engineer  is a man who applies the standards of programming building to the outline, improvement, upkeep, testing, and assessment of the product and frameworks that make PCs or anything containing programming work. Since you know who is a product specialist lets look to the accompanying figures:

Programming designers go anyplace from $60,000 to $120,000. Why to such an extent? On the other hand why so little? Here is the reason:


Presently you may know why and the amount Programming Engineer’s are paid! Trust you delighted in the information realistic! Keep in mind to impart this Data Realistic to your companions and subscribe to our Blog!

Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Windows PCs

Microsoft Launches Office 2016 For Windows PCs


Microsoft dispatches new Office 2016 on Tuesday for Windows PCs, after Windows 10 this is the second enormous item from Microsoft. Office 2016 is resolved to create collaboration among clients.

Office 2016 which upgrades devices like Word, PowerPoint and Excel surprisingly since the Office 2013 discharge — includes elements like “co-writing” in Word, which lets a few clients sort in an archive and see what others are doing continuously. Different redesigns take in new diagram styles in Excel, an “Office 365 Groups” highlight went for lineup tasks and a “Keen Lookup” utility that lets clients drop data from the web into an archiv.

Generally speaking, Office 2016’s new components are planned to drag Microsoft’s instruments into the contemporary universe of constant coordinated effort, cloud-based capacity, group visit — and other group centered elements from contenders like Google Drive, Slack and further mor.

“[O]ur time is the scarcest merchandise,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella wrote in a blog entry Tuesday to announce the Office 2016 discharge. Nadella’s post centered around Office 2016 as a portable’s component “initially, cloud first” methodology he has pushed since taking the steerage at Microsoft in February 2014.



4G alludes to the fourth era of cell remote and is a successor to 3G and 2G norms. Whatever is left of this article relates 4G with International Mobile Telecommunications-Advanced (IMT Advanced), however 4G is a more extensive term and could incorporate gauges outside IMT-Advanced. A 4G framework may overhaul existing correspondence organizes and is relied upon to give a far reaching and secure IP based arrangement where offices, for example, voice, information and spilled interactive media will be given to clients on an “At whatever time, Anywhere” premise and at much higher information rates contrasted with past eras.


4G is being created to suit the QoS and rate necessities set by pending applications like remote broadband access, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), feature visit, versatile TV, HDTV content, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), negligible administrations like voice and information, and different administrations that use transfer speed.

The 4G working gathering has characterized the accompanying as targets of the 4G remote correspondence standard:

* A frightfully proficient framework (in bits/s/Hz and bits/s/Hz/site),

* High system limit: more synchronous clients per cell,

* An ostensible information rate of 100 Mbit/s while the customer physically moves at high speeds with respect to the station, and 1 Gbit/s while customer and station are in generally settled positions as characterized by the ITU-R,

* An information rate of no less than 100 Mbit/s between any two focuses on the planet,

* Smooth handoff crosswise over heterogeneous systems,

* Seamless availability and worldwide wandering over different systems,

* High nature of administration for cutting edge sight and sound bolster (constant sound, rapid information, HDTV feature content, versatile TV, and so on)

* Interoperability with existing remote standards,and

* An all IP, parcel exchanged system.

In rundown, the 4G framework ought to progressively share and use system assets to meet the negligible prerequisites of all the 4G empowered clients.

4G features:~

As per the individuals from the 4G working gathering, the base and the terminals of 4G will have every one of the measures from 2G to 4G executed. Despite the fact that legacy frameworks are set up to embrace existing clients, the base for 4G will be just parcel based (all-IP). A few proposition recommend having an open Internet stage. Innovations thought to be mid 4G include: Flash-OFDM, the 802.16e versatile form of WiMax (otherwise called WiBro in South Korea), and HC-SDMA (see iBurst). 3GPP Long Term Evolution may achieve the business 1–2 years after Mobile WiMax is discharged.

A considerably higher velocity adaptation of WiMax is the IEEE 802.16m particular. LTE Advanced will be the later development of the 3GPP LTE standar.

It’s Uses:~

At the present rates of 15-30 Mbit/s, 4G is equipped for giving clients gushing superior quality TV. At rates of 100 Mbit/s, the substance of a DVD-5 (for instance a motion picture) can be downloaded inside around 5 minutes for disconnected from the net access.

Saudi Supercomputer Now in Top Ten!

Saudi Supercomputer Now in Top Ten!


For the first time a supercomputer based in the Middle East has entered the top ten list of the most powerful computers on the planet.

The Shaheen II is based at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Kaust) in Saudi Arabia.
The Cray XC40 computer is the seventh most powerful machine in the world, said the Top 500 organisation that monitors high-performance machines.

China’s Tianhe-2 retained its position at the top of the supercomputer list. Shaheen II’s place on the list was revealed in the Top 500’s latest release of its biannual rankings.
The Shaheen (Peregrine Falcon) II has a peak number-crunching capacity of 5.536 petaflops making it, said the Top 500, “the highest-ranked Middle East system in the 22-year history of the list and the first to crack the Top 10”.
Kaust has spent about $80m (£51m) buying, installing and operating the Cray machine which is about 25 times more powerful than the machine it is replacing.

The machine uses 200,000 processors arranged in more than 6,000 nodes, has 17.6 petabytes of storage and 790 terabytes of main memory. By contrast, China’s Tianhe-2 has a peak processing ability of 33.86 petaflops spread across 16,000 nodes.
A petaflop is equal to about one quadrillion calculations per second. One estimate suggests it would take a human about 32,000,000 years to complete the same task.
The machine, based in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia is being used for research projects modelling turbulence in engines, atmospheric dynamics, and renewable energy grids.

Industrial partners of Kaust are also planning to use it to help refine their search for minerals and fossil fuels and in the processing of raw materials.

In a blog entry detailing the latest list, the Top 500 organisation said the rate of growth in global computing power was slowing down. This was because relatively few new massive supercomputers had been switched on in the last few years. Many of those at the top of the list were installed and first operated in 2011 and 2012, it said.

What Should We Expect from Windows 10?

What Should We Expect from Windows 10?


Has your relationship with your current Windows operating system growing old? Sure, the OS might have been fine when it first came out but that is in the past. The old ice box refrigerator was fantastic in the days prior to electricity. That was a while ago. Don’t worry too much about the lagging problems you may be facing when logging onto your computer. Those days are numbered as the countdown to the release of Windows 10 is long underway.

No one wants to upgrade just for the sake of upgrading. People want to get something of value for their money. Is the new release of Windows 10 going to be worth the investment. Once you check out some of the features associated the Windows 10, you will probably agree it presents a pretty solid improvement over previously impressive versions.

One of the best things to expect is the really cool and cost-saving availability of Windows 10 as an upgrade. Wait a second. Didn’t you buy an upgrade disk for Windows 8 and paid a lot of money for it? You may have done that with Windows 8, but windows 10 is going to be made available in a completely different manner. Anyone who currently has Windows 7 or 8 can upgrade to 10 for free. That is a pretty amazing deal. If you have an older version of Windows (still?), you can buy an upgrade disk for Windows 10 for the reasonable price of $119.

Quite a few improvements and fixes on popular Windows-related software and services are going to be made as well. Skype is going to be much easier to use and a lot of One Drive bugs are going to be addressed and corrected. For those who like to use these and other features, any and all improvements are going to be highly appreciated. In particular, if you are a gamer, Windows 10 is going to turn out to be a really welcome upgrade. Xbox is going to be weaved into the operating system to a degree not previously seen before.

Playing games might be something you have very little time for due to all the work that seems to create burdens. If only there was a way to do more work on the go. With the arrival of Windows 10, there is. A new versions of Office has been designed for Windows 10 and there are special features on the program for people on the go. We will have to wait for the official release to find out exactly what these unique Office features entail.

An oldie returns in the form of the “Start Menu.” The classic menu has been absent for some time. Older computer users (of which there are many) might be thrilled to see its return. More than just retro value, the Start Menu is pretty easy to navigate. Consider that another good point.

Something very new is arriving with Windows 10 and this would be the Cortana web browser. Internet Explorer has been the default browser for ages. Not everyone is a big fan of IE and all its security flaws. A new, updated, modernized browser that gives Chrome and Mozilla some competition is appreciated.

Speaking of security, Windows 10 is supposed to feature a tremendous array of security improvements. Never dismiss the value of improved security. Microsoft has heard the world’s concerns about bugs and viruses. The security team is doing its best to make sure the new Windows experience is one safe from a host of threats. Unfortunately, there are lot of hackers and other troublemakers out there. Thankfully, Microsoft is going to through some barriers in their way.

Maybe it is best to leave the last word to the good people at Windows Insider: “This combines the strengths of Windows 8 with Windows 7.” We’ll have to wait and see if that turns out to be true.

About Author: This article was submitted by Andy G, a tech geek and Linux guru from Austria. At the present moment he maintains firmware and driver download website called HelpJet

Basic/Expert Tutorial To Understand Google’s Features

Hi Bros  , Newbies And Experts , This tutorial is for all . In this tutorial You’ll See How to Use Google’s Every Feature to Relate your search and get your results instantly:-


How To Search For A File Of Specific Extension In Google:-
1.Open Google.com
2.In search Bar Write ” Download + Your File Name+ Extension “.

Example Below:-
Apk= Download Your file name Apk.
PDF= Download Your File Name PDF.
MP4= Download Your File Name MP4.

How To Search a Torrent File On Google:-
1.Open Google.com
2.In search Bar Write ” Download + Your File Name + Extension + Torrent “.

Example below:-
Apk Torrent = Download Your File Name Apk Torrent
Exe Torrent = Download Your File Name Exe Torrent

How to search for a file by Os Name:-
1.Open Google.com
2.In search bar write ” Download + Your File Name + for + Os name.

Example below:-
Android=Download Your file name for android
PC= Download Your File Name For Windows
iPhone = Download Your File Name For IOS

How To Search For Tutorials On Google:-
1.Open Google and write ” write your question directly”.

Eg.How to Install LuckyPatcher Apk in Android

How to Download Images From Google Images.
1.Open Google.com
2. Search image Name Eg-Abstract Scene.
3.Now You’ll See Images Option Below Search button.
4.Now Click On that And Select Your desired image and Click on Open image.
5.When Image Opens Then Right Click/Hold Image And Select Save Image.

Note:- If You are Using UC browser Then Follow Steps 1-4 , after opening image hold on image and click on Open Image>500% Then Hold On Image and Save,Otherwise you’ll not get best quality image.

How to get latest news of any country :-
1.Go to Google.com
2. Search ” your country + latest news/headlines “.
latest News/Headlines Of + Your country

Eg.India latest News.
latest Headlines of India.

E-X-P-E-R-T(Desktop Site)

How to exclude a word from search results in Google:-
1. Search Like That ” How to destroy -Triksworld a site “
Now its won’t show -word anywhere in the search.

How To Search Within A Site In google:-
1. Use following tag in search like below.
Eg:- Site: npuitdevlopers.wordpress.com
We have Used ( Site: ) Tag to Search Inside Site.
Now It’ll Show you search based on word written after then website URL .

How to do calculation in google
1. Search your Equation in Google like below.
Eg. 2% of 28888883.

After searching you’ll get your answer at top of searches.

How to get your result as same as you written(no modification between Search).
1. Search like below.
Use intitle tag:
Eg:- intitle: Tricksworld is Good/Not

After searching you’ll get only results highly related with your search term.

How search to two things at same time

1. Do like below .
Eg. Tricksworld or Tricksworld Androidology

Now youll get both result just by using or tag between searches.

How to Translate Your Word Directly from Google
1. Search following:-
Eg. Translate Language A to Language B.

Then You’ll Get a Translate Menu , just write word and it’ll be translated.

How to find which sites linked other site/your site
1. Search and use link tag:
Eg. Link: npuitdevlopers.WordPress.com

Now you’ll get all sites that have linked that site (infront of search)

How to find out Holiday/Festival Date
1. Search Holiday Name And you’ll get its Date .
Eg. Halloween .

how to calculate your tip
1. Search Tip Calculator in Google and a calculator will popup at top.

How to Convert a currently to another (latest currency values)
1. Search Value+ Currency A to Currency B.
Eg. 50 dollar to rupees.

Search Missing Term (Forgot word eg. Of song)
1. Search Your Term And use asterisk to get missing term.
Eg. Martin * Animals .

Search in exact order of words
1.Use Quotation Marks to get your result in exact order.
Eg. “How to make a you tube channel”

Search between a range
1. Search Like Example Below ( Use … to get result between range)
Eg:- story of India 2001…2015.

Get Definition of ant word
1. Search your term with define tag.
Eg. Define : Facebook

Use Google as Stopwatch
1. Search Set Timer for + time amount.
Eg. Set timer for 5 seconds

Search Result By Author ,Singer , dancer etc name

1. Search by author/singer etc name to get results.
Eg:- songs by one direction.
Books by Shakespeare.

Search Sunset/Sunrise Time of a country
1. Search sunset/sunrise country name.
Eg. Sunrise India

Finding Origin of word
1. Search your word+ etymology.
Eg. Chemistry etymology

Make Google do a barrel role
1. Search ” Do a Barrel Role” in search
And see.

Play Game in Google images
1.Go to Google Image Search By selecting images and then write ” Atari breakout” and you’ll get a game popup.

Make Your Searches Eaten by Zergs
1.Go to Google and search Zerg Rush
And your search will be eaten by Google’s O’s and he’s
Search Google Doodle
1. Go to Google and Hit I’m feeling lucky without searching anything.