Tata Sky Loot

st Go to Tata Sky Menu>>Settings>>U and then press 00000 to activate the default software settings of Tata sky.

* Now use any of your Old Tata Sky recharge number and replace last two digits with your Tata Sky id number. Try this step for 3 times.

* It will show a invalid code error, and your Tata Sky will block for 3 hours.

* Now remove your Smart card and cable wire from setup box.

* Now connect cable wire and smart card again after 2hrs. Then restart the setup box.

* Now check your Tata Sky balance, you will find Rs 200 balance.

* You got a Tata Sky Free Recharge. Now Enjoy and watch TV for free.

** How to Watch Free TV Channels on Tata Sky

* Make Sure your Tata Sky balance is below Rs 10.

* Now set the channel to no 100 and watch it for 8 minutes.

* Now press menu button and now set the frequency to :-

LNB 1050
Symbol 5080

* Now you will find your digi card is not connected, now remove card.

* Wait for 1 hr and insert the card, now you will find all your channel is working fine.

* Now you watch free channels on Tata Sky for lifetime.



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