Earn Unlimited Paytm/Mobikwik Cash with Taskbucks

> What is the trick to Earn FREE Paytm and Mobikwik cash?

=> This trick is only for new users of the app, please follow these simple steps to get Rs. 200 recharge instantly.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Taskbucks app from the Play Store by clicking HERE.

Step 2:  Open the app and keep doing Next. Then click on START NOW.

Step 3:

Enter a new mobile number and email address which was not previously registered on the app.

[Very Important] Now Enter the Code ‘JC26N1M6 ‘ without codes properly at the option of Promo/ Referral code. You get Rs. 25 for FREE if you enter this code properly.

Note: If you don’t enter the code properly then you will not get Rs. 25 and you will also not be eligible to get Rs. 200 Paytm/ Mobikwik Cash with the new scheme of Taskbucks. So enter the code JC26N1M6 properly.

It may take time for Rs. 25 to get credited in your account. Don’t worry, complete Step 4 and by then you will get your money.

Step 4:  Now you have got Rs. 25 free SIGN UP bonus. But the story is not over yet. You need to download any app from the tasks of the Taskbucks app to get your own Code.

Note: Taskbucks generates a code for every user but to make that code active and earn free money you need to complete on offer on that app. Else your Code will not be valid and all your earnings will got waste. So simply complete the offer of installing the HolidayIQ or Yatra or Amazon app (Install any app which you never installed on your phone till today and which pays you Rs. 5 or above).

Steps to complete this offer:

Click on the app offer on the Taskbucks app.
Read the instructions and then click on Install Now. it will redirect you to Play store.
Install the app and use it for 5 minutes.
That’s all, after using it for 5 minutes you will get Rs. 5 in your wallet. So now you have total Rs. 25+ 5= Rs. 30. And also your referral code is now validated and ready for referral.

Step 5:  Now comes the best part of this scheme. Refer your code to your friend and earn

        Rs. 25 when 1st friend signs up.

         Rs. 30 when 2nd friend signs up.

         Rs. 40 + Rs. 75 Extra bonus when 3rd friend signs up.

Therefore after 3 successful referrals your earnings are:

Rs. 25+5+25+30+40+75 = Rs. 200.

Step 6:

The story is still not over yet. You can earn more by referring more friends and you get an increment in referral bonus each time you refer more number of friends. Earn Unlimited without even referring anyone using our Unlimited trick given below.

You can also earn more money on the same app by completing other tasks such as installing apps, sharing stories and filling forms.

Hurrah!! Enjoy the Unlimited Money Earning with Taskbucks. Do check out how to earn unlimited by the trick given below.

Unlimited Earnings trick.

1. Go to Settings >> My Apps >> Taskbucks >> Clear Data and Uninstall the app.

2. Reinstall the app again from Play Store.

3. Enter a new mobile number and email address and enter your code.

4. Follow the steps according to the main trick and keep repeating the unlimited trick to earn unlimited money.

This the proof of my earnings:


That’s all guys. I hope this trick helped you. Do share it with your friends.


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