7 Types of Hacker Motivations

There are good and bad hackers. Here is a window into what they do and why:

White Hat Hackers:

These are the great fellows, PC security specialists who have practical experience in entrance testing and different philosophies to guarantee that an organization’s data frameworks are secure. These IT security experts depend on an always developing arms stockpile of innovation to fight programmers..

Black Hat Hackers:

These are the awful gentlemen, who are regularly alluded to as out and out programmers. The term is regularly utilized particularly for programmers who break into systems or PCs, or make PC infections. Dark cap programmers proceed to mechanically outpace white caps. They frequently figure out how to discover the easiest course of action, whether because of human mistake or lethargy, or with another kind of assault. Hacking idealists regularly utilize the expression “saltines” to allude to dark cap programmers. Dark caps’ inspiration is by and large to get paid.

Script Kiddies:

This is a disdainful term for dark cap programmers who utilization acquired projects to assault arranges and destroy sites trying to make names for themselves.


Some programmer activists are roused by governmental issues or religion, while others may wish to uncover wrongdoing, or definite reprisal, or basically irritate their objective for their own particular stimulation.

State Sponsored Hackers:

Governments around the world understand that it serves their military goals to be very much situated on the web. The platitude used to be, “He who controls the oceans controls the world,” and after that it was, “He who controls the air controls the world.” Now it’s about controlling the internet. State supported programmers have boundless time and financing to target regular people, companies, and governments.

Spy Hackers:

Companies employ programmers to invade the opposition and take competitive advantages. They may hack in from the outside or pick up livelihood so as to go about as a mole. Spy programmers may utilize comparable strategies as hacktivists, yet their just motivation is to serve their customer’s objectives and get paid.

Cyber Terrorists:

These programmers, by and large inspired by religious or political convictions, endeavor to make apprehension and disarray by disturbing discriminating bases. Digital terrorists are by a wide margin the most unsafe, with an extensive variety of aptitudes and objectives. Digital Terrorists extreme inspiration is to spread trepidation, fear and submit murder.

I Hope you all like it..!!


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